Where should I get my tires rotated and balanced?
Oxmoor Ford Lincoln's service department is one of the best in Louisville with certified service technicians, master technicians and master technicians in training. All are very experienced in basic vehicle maintenance needs such as tire rotations and balancing. To schedule your service appointment give us a call at 866-647-9751  or stop in to see us right off the Watterson Expressway at 100 Oxmoor Lane, next door to Oxmoor Mall.

Why should I get my tires rotated?
There are many reasons to make sure you have your tires rotated when recommended. All tires wear differently depending on the owners driving style, the condition of the vehicles suspension and their position on the vehicle. Rotating your tires helps evenly distribute wear to help you get the maximum miles out of your tires and getting better traction on all four wheels. The front tires on front wheel drive vehicles typically wear faster than the rear tires due to added pressure/resistance from steering.

How often should I get my tires rotated?
Depending on the brand of tires your vehicle has you should have your tires rotated and balanced every 3,000-6,000 miles. To be certain what is recommended for your tire brand you can contact Oxmoor Ford Lincoln's service department where trained service techs will be able to let you know what is recommended.

What is the tire rotating process?
There are three traditional tire rotating processes identified by The Tire and Rim Association that can be followed on most vehicles. The first one is called the rearward cross the second one is called the forward cross and the third is the x-pattern. The x-pattern can be used as an alternative for the rearward cross and the forward cross. Rotating your tires   is when you move your tires from side to side or from front to back or both. Rotating your tires helps prevent uneven wear and tear and also helps prevent diminished gas mileage.

Why should I get my tires balanced?
It is very important to keep your tires balanced, the weight around your axle needs to be even to prevent vibrations. The vibrations from your wheels will cause your steering wheel to shake while you're driving and sometimes this will only occur when you hit a certain speed. If your tires are unbalanced there is an uneven pressure on the treads, the tires get too hot and wear unevenly and it can cause a strain on the wheel bearings and suspension system! Over time your tires  will become out of balance again. As the rubber wears off from driving over bumps, around corners and just in general the tire becomes imbalanced.  

What is the tire balancing process?
Balancing your tires should be done by a professional service tech. It should be inflated to the correct air pressure and a new valve stem should be installed. Is should then be put on a machine that will spin the wheels and detect the location and how severe the imbalance is. The service tech will then apply zinc or lead weights to the location that the machine designated. Lastly the wheel is spun once again to make sure the tire(s)  have been properly balanced. There are many different types of rims so there is numerous different weight applications used to balance the tires. If you have very nice rims and don't want the weight to be seen there are different weights that can be placed on the inside. Some tires require a lot of weight, such as very old and some terrain tires need what is called static balance.  Static balance is where the weight is applied to the top dead center of the inside only; this creates perfect balance while the tires aren't in motion. This technique is only used as a last resort and it the least precise of the balancing techniques.

How do I know when my tires need to be balanced?
If you are unsure if you need a tire rotation and balance it is best for you to bring your vehicle into Oxmoor Ford Lincoln and let a professional technician evaluate your vehicle. Call 866-647-9751 for your appointment today. 

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