Ready For an Oil Change?

Is it time for your vehicle to have an oil change? Oxmoor Ford Lincoln service department is open 7am to 8pm. Monday through Friday and Saturday until 4pm. If you need to drop your vehicle off for service while service is closed we have an after-hours drop box where you just fill out an envelope, seal your keys in and drop it in the box for our service advisers until the following business day.  All of our service technicians are highly trained to take great care of your vehicle and make sure your oil change is done properly. We also have high quality equipment to get your service done as efficiently as possible. Our mission is to make your service visit as pleasant and satisfactory as possible so come on out for your oil change. We are located at 100 Oxmoor Lane Louisville KY, 40222, you can also give us a call to schedule your oil change at 866-647-9751. 

Why should I get my oil changed?

The purpose of motor oil is to keep the moving parts in your engine lubricated, keep your engine cool and keep it clean; thus keeping any dirt and other small damaging particles from scratching tight parts in your engine. Heat from your engine breaks down oil and can make it sticky or watery and at times can make it both. If the oil gets this way it doesn't continue to lubricate the engine correctly and continues to get dirtier. 
Removing the old oil takes care of issues that may arise from having dirty, watery or sticky oil. Once the old oil has been removed and the fresh oil has been added your engine will be cooled and lubricated more efficiently than with the old oil. The more often you get your oil changed the better off you will be in the long run. It will reduce repairs and advance the performance of your vehicle.  You should make it routine to have your oil changed based upon what is recommended for vehicle in your vehicles manual.  

What does engine oil color and consistency tell me about my engine? 

You will notice after an oil change, new oil is a smooth golden color and it changes from golden or amber to various shades of brown or even black. Color can be a sign you should schedule an oil change.  Thick dark brown or black motor oil can mean contamination but only if it is thick. If it is only dark and not thick it doesn't indicate a problem since some additives will darken oil quickly. Cream color can indicate moisture but the trick is texture AND color. Frothy or milky texture with cream color can be coolant contamination. It is best to just bring your vehicle in to Oxmoor Ford Lincoln if you feel your engine oil is a questionable color or texture. 

Why do they change my filter during an oil change?

It is important to have your oil filter changed at the same time you have your oil changed. Your oil filter helps keep dirt, dust and other particles that can damage your engine out. If it isn't changed a long with your oil it can become clogged from previously keeping dust and debris out of your engine in the past. There are multiple oil filters available some of them more efficient than others therefore working longer. The quality of an oil filter is determined on how effective it is at keeping debris and other particles out of the engine. 

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