Am I Eligible for Ford Motor Company A Plan or Z Plan?

An eligible Ford employee (A-Plan) or retiree/surviving spouse (Z-Plan) may generate up to four (4) PINs per calendar year to be used toward the purchase/lease of a new vehicle for them or their eligible family members as noted below (see Generate PIN for details):

·         Active full-time Ford employees (A Plan)

·         Active employee's Spouse and spouse's parents (A Plan)

·         Active employee's Sons and daughters (including in-laws and step children) (A Plan)

·         Active employee's Grandchildren (A Plan)

·         Retired full-time Ford employees (Z Plan)

·         Retiree Spouse and spouse's parents (Z Plan)

·         Retiree Sons and daughters (including in-laws and step children) (Z Plan)

·         Retiree Grandchildren (Z Plan)

·         Most surviving spouses of Retiree (A and Z Plan)

Am I Eligible for Ford Motor Company X-Plan?
An eligible Ford employee or retiree may sponsor up to four (4) PINs per calendar year to be used towards the purchase/lease of a new vehicle for a friend or neighbor. Ford also provides X Plan discounts for some affiliates so you may be eligible if your employer is one of the following:

·         Selected Ford Motor Company Suppliers

·         Selected Ford Motor Company Fleet Customers

·         Select Companies/Organizations or call 888-632-5285

Participants will be required, at the time they take delivery from Oxmoor Ford, to show proof of employment by an organization eligible for Partner Recognition benefits.


How do I generate a PIN from Ford?

To receive your PIN or for more detailed information about the programs, please call Ford A,X,Z Program Headquarters.

Generate PIN


How does the process work?
Step 1: Eligible employee obtains organization's Partner Recognition Code.
Step 2: A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is obtained by calling 1-800-348-7709.
Step 3: Participants visit Oxmoor Ford in Louisville, Kentucky and identify themselves as a Ford Motor Company Employee, Ford Motor Company Retiree, or Partner Recognition (X-Plan) participant.  Participant provides Oxmoor Ford in Louisville, Kentucky, with a Social Security Number and PIN.
Step 4: Select a vehicle - We have hundreds of new Ford models to choose from.
Step 5: Provide proof of employment by Ford or an eligible Ford partner through a pay stub, company ID, business card, W-2, etc.
Step 6: Arrange for delivery through Oxmoor Ford in Louisville, Kentucky.

How many Ford Partner Recognition PINs are available?
Eligible employees, retirees and their spouses may purchase or lease four vehicles per calendar year through the Partner Recognition Program. Vehicles must be titled and registered in the eligible employee or spouse's name (vehicles may not be titled or registered in a company name). No other family members are eligible for Partner Recognition pricing.

When does the program end?
Ford Motor Company reserves the right to modify the program, remove eligibility, or cancel the program at any time, however there is no expiration date for the program.

How do I know I am getting my A X or Z Plan Discount?
Each plan price can be found on the bottom portion of the dealer invoice. The price is set on each Ford Dealer Invoice and Oxmoor Ford will be happy to show you the Plan price for the vehicle you select.

Can I select any vehicle in Oxmoor Ford's Inventory?
All New Ford vehicles are included with very few exceptions. Included are Ford FiestaFord Focus, Ford Fusion, most Ford Mustang, Ford Taurus, Ford Edge, Ford Escape, Ford Explorer, Ford Expedition, Ford Flex, most Ford F-150, Ford F-250, Ford F-350, Ford Econoline, and more.  The only exceptions are vehicles of limited supply such as the Shelby Mustang, Boss Mustang, F-150 Raptor, F-450 through F750.

Do I still get incentives with my Plan Discount?
Absolutely - though some may not be used in conjunction with Plan Discounts. Partner recognition participants are eligible for all public incentives and many incentives normally paid to the dealer. There are some special offers that are not compatible with Plans. Participants should ask Oxmoor Ford in Louisville, Kentucky to determine which incentives they are eligible for. Oxmoor Ford will check directly with Ford Motor Company to determine eligibility.

Do I get Plan Discounts in other Oxmoor Ford departments?
No - Accessories, conversion packages, extended warranties, etc. are not covered by this program and must be agreed-upon between the participant and Oxmoor Ford in Louisville, Kentucky.

Can I choose to Lease with my Plan Discount?
Your new Ford can be either purchased or leased.  The only requirement with leasing is that the lease must be obtained through Ford Credit. You also will need to have qualifying credit and can apply on our website for approval on leasing.

Am I required to finance with Ford Credit when purchasing?

You can use your plan and your own financing institute; however there may be additional incentives available to finance your purchase through Ford Credit / Lincoln AFS.

Can a vehicle be traded with program pricing?
Yes - however this program does not cover trade-in allowances, which must be negotiated at Oxmoor Ford. We are always seeking good trades for the used cars and certified pre-owned inventory.  Our Pre-Owned Inventory is one of the largest in Kentucky and we will give you a great value for your trade.  We always need cars, trucks and vans and are willing to give top dollar for nice trade-ins.


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