What are signs that my brake pads should be changed?

Brakes are always something you worry about but you are never quite sure if it’s time for brake service.  There are several things that may tip you off that you need to have your brakes serviced or at least checked for wear.

Why are my brakes squeaking? One sign that your brake pads may need to be changed is a squeaking/squealing noise when you apply pressure to your brakes. This is caused by a tiny metal piece that connects with the brake rotor whenever the rubber on the brake pad wears down; this piece is called a wear indicator. You can take a look at the space between the spokes on the wheels and see the brake pads; there should be at least ¼ inch of a pad left.

What are these marks on my rotors? You may see circular marks on the brake rotor called scores. If you wait too long to replace your brakes these scores will become deeper and deeper and eventually you will have to replace your rotors as well as your brake pads. It is recommended that you have your rotors turned when getting your brakes changed in order to get the longest life out them.

What do slow responsive brakes mean?
 If you are experiencing a slow response or you have to push your brake pedal almost to the floor then you should get your brake line checked. This could indicate a brake fluid leak or an air leak in your break line. A sign that you have a brake fluid leak is a small puddle of fluid underneath your car when it has been parked for a significant amount of time; make sure not to confuse brake fluid with motor oil since they look very similar. If your brakes don’t have the right amount of pressure at all times they could begin working improperly or just stop working all together.

Why does my car pull to one side or shake during braking? Sometimes your brake linings wear unevenly or something gets in your brake fluid and this can cause your vehicle to begin pulling to one side when you break. If this happens you should take it to a mechanic and have your brake fluid replaced or have your brakes adjusted. Another thing you should be aware of is when your vehicle begins vibrating while braking. This could mean that your rotors are warped from continuous braking while driving or it could mean that your vehicle is out of alignment.

If you are ever unsure about what you are hearing or seeing regarding brakes it is best to bring the vehicle in to Oxmoor Ford Lincoln and speak with a service adviser. 

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